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Frequently Asked Questions

OK, I’ve booked. Now what?

Thank you. When booking you will receive an immediate confirmation. If your chosen tour is Hotel based, rooms are based on twin bed accomodation. If you require anything different, single, double, extra rooms etc. please let us know by email at Approximately 8 weeks before your chosen tour, we will contact you for the balance. Please note that all tours require a minimum of 4 bookings to go ahead. It is very rare that tours do not go ahead, but with this in mind, we recommend that if you book a crossing, you book a cancellable or flext ticket. We will contact you once we have the four booking to confirm that it is going ahead and allow you to book your crossing in confidence. If you book your tour which is due to start within eight weeks, we will require the full amount. Once we receive this, we will send you the info pack, which will include meeting points, dates and times etc.

What do I have to do to enter France and return home?

If you book a tour with us, it is your responsibility to ensure all current requirements are met before travelling. At the time of writing, If you are double vaccinated, there are no restrictions for entering France, other than proof of vaccination. There are no requirements before your return. But please check the Government website for up to date information: It is also very important that you have travel insurance and all the relevant documents for both health and driving. A handy checklist is here: and for motoring abroad here: Battlefields Group Ltd can take no responsibility if you have not followed the guidance at the time of your tour and are refused entry, so please ensure you are fully aware of the requirements and act accordingly.

How will we know where to meet you?

In the information pack that will be sent to you we will provide satnav / gps co-ordinates, and also a map page that shows the location. If you “get near, but can’t find you” don’t worry, we will come and find you.

How fast will you be driving?

Most modern vehicles are quite capable of travelling at 60 or 70 miles per hour, but once you arrive the lanes and tracks that we use do not allow us to travel at any great speed, and if we did drive too fast you would miss out on something. We will always accommodate the slowest in the group – we have even been overtaken by bicycles! If we use roads then they will be subject to the national speed limits, but again, we will always accommodate the slowest vehicle.

Do I need a modified 4x4?

No – all of our tours are accessible with most makes and models of 4x4 vehicles. If you are unsure about your vehicles’ suitability please contact us before booking.

What do I do if I am delayed and can’t make the start time?

Please call us and we will arrange an amended meeting point

Do I need to buy a Sat Nav?

Not necessarily - We will give clear directions to the start and point you in the right direction for your onward journey after the tour. However if you already have a sat nav with European maps this may be useful for you.

What will the weather be like at that time of year?

We wish that we could predict this! Generally the summers are hotter (and dusty) while spring and autumn can be quite wet (and muddy). As a precaution sun cream and waterproofs should always be on your list. Prior to leaving you can access a reliable five day forecast here, simply type in the name of the town and “Get Forecast”

Will I be able to drive on all of the tracks that you use?

On all of our Tours we have drivers and vehicles with varying abilities. Therefore we will always have an alternative route that can be taken. You will never be encouraged to or have to follow a route if you do not feel happy doing so.

Can you provide camping equipment for us?

Unfortunately we cannot do this, but we would never leave you sitting on the grass! There is usually a spare camp chair around…

Is it true that we have to have fluorescent tabards with us at all times?

It is a requirement that all vehicles must have one for the driver, but in the event of an incident and for your own safety we would recommend one per occupant of your car. After all they take up no space and cost just a couple of pounds. Also, see our link to the AA website which details the other items that you must carry.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our full terms and conditions can be found HERE.
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