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The Somme 2 - 1918

Tour Over Three Days (One full day and two half days) -

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Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery
The Hundred Days Offensive was the final period of the First World War, during which the Allies launched a series of offensives. The Second Battle of the Somme, 1918, was fought over the same ground that had seen such fierce fighting just two years before. During the last weeks of that summer, through the fields of Picardy, the British Third and Fourth Armies made considerable advances pushing the Germans back - from Albert and Bapaume in the north, and through the open valleys of the River Somme and Peronne further south. The German Second Army was pushed back on a 50-mile front. While the Americans were supporting the British in an advance on Arras, the British Army and American Second Corps captured Albert. Bapaume fell to the New Zealanders at the end of August, the Australians crossed the River Somme and then advanced towards Peronne breaking the German line at Mont St Quentin and forcing them into full retreat.
Le P’tit Train at Froissy Rancourt Dernancourt Le Hamel Villers-Bretonneux Bray-sur-Somme Peronne Museum of the Great War Ligny-Thilloy Butte de Warlencourt
Tour Highlights
Our tour starts from the historical town of Peronne, an area in which most visitors travel around the battlefields by car or bus; however, on our tours we rarely see other vehicles on the lanes we use to traverse the area. Over three days we will give you an insight from a different perspective of this famous battlefield, traveling in a small convoy of 5-6 vehicles, on tracks once trod by infantry. You’ll receive CB commentary as we drive along our route so you can really get a sense of where troops came from and what their objectives were. To book, click on the link for your chosen date. We only require a £100 deposit per vehicle or full payment if the tour is less than six weeks away. Eight weeks before the tour we will send you a balance request and invoice. Once the balance is paid we will send you an information pack including meeting places, times, booking references etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: info@battlefieldsby4x4.com
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