Pointe Du Hoc

D-Day - 1944

Special Anniversary Tour Over Four Days - June 4th-7th 2018

-  or Festival Tour Over Three Days

The Battle of Normandy, codenamed Operation Overlord, was the offensive that started the invasion of

German occupied Western Europe by Allied forces and lasted from June to August 1944.

D-Day, began on 6th June 1944 and was preceded by intense bombardment from sea and air. The

landings themselves, codenamed Operation Neptune, was to be and remains the largest amphibious

military assault in history. 

Over 156,000 British, Canadian, American and Allied troops landed in Normandy. To supply the armies,

two artificial harbours were towed across the channel from England and assembled off the French coast.

The harbours were codenamed ‘Mulberry’; remains of which can still be seen today.

By June 11th , the beaches were fully secured and over 326,000 troops, more than 50,000 vehicles and

some 100,000 tons of equipment had landed at Normandy.

Twenty-seven war cemeteries and many churchyards hold the remains of over 110,000 dead from both

sides: 77,800 German | 22,000 Commonwealth | 9,300 American

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Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery First views of the Mulberry Harbour Longues-sur-Mer Battery American Cemetery, Omaha Beach Pointe du Hoc Bayeux War Cemetery and Memorial The story of Jack Banks German cemetery at La Cambe D-Day museum at Arromanches
Tour Highlights

Over three or four days, depending on tour selected, we will visit many of the

evocative and sometimes emotional sites that stand as a reminder of the human

cost and horror experienced by those young Allied soldiers so many years ago.

You’ll receive CB commentary as we drive along a mixture of tracks and roads,

giving you an insight from a different perspective of this famous battle, traveling in a

small convoy of 5-6 vehicles.

Using   a   well   equipped   campsite   or   hotel   just   meters   from   the   edge   of   Gold   Beach you   will   experience   the   same   sand   and   tides   that   bore   witness   to   horrific   casualties on   the   first   day   of   the   invasion,   but   gave   the   allies   a   foothold   on   the   European mainland. We   will   travel   along   the   length   of   the   invasion   front   keeping   away   from   the   routes used   by   those   who   are   unable   to   venture   further   than   the   roadside.   We   will   see   the side   of   Normandy   that   has   changed   little   since   the   advancing   soldiers   made   their way across and through the lanes and farmland. From   the   high   cliffs   and   gun   emplacements   at   Pointe   Du   Hoc,   past   the   remains   of German   gun   batteries   to   the   long   shallow   beaches,   such   as Arromanches   which   still have   the   remains   of   the   Mulberry   Harbours   sitting   on   the   sand   we   will   visit   many   of the   evocative   and   sometimes   emotional   sites   that   now   show   little   sign   of   the   horror experienced by those young Allied soldiers 74 years ago. To   book,   click   on   the   link   for   your   chosen   date.   We   only   require   a   £100   deposit   per vehicle   or   full   payment   if   the   tour   is   less   than   six   weeks   away.   Eight   weeks   before the   tour   we   will   send   you   a   balance   request   and   invoice.   Once   the   balance   is   paid we   will   send   you   an   information   pack   including   meeting   places,   times,   booking references etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: info@battlefieldsby4x4.com
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