Pozieres British Cemetery

The Somme - 1916

Based    in    Albert,    this    three    day tour   will   take   you   back   to   1916, and   beyond,   visiting   some   of   the most   significant   sites   that   were   to influence   the   battle   for   the   armies of both sides.

D Day - 1944

Made   famous   through   films   such as   Saving   Private   Ryan,   the   D   Day assaults   are   known   to   many.   We follow     the     coast     visiting     sites where   some   of   the   185,000   men disembarked     and     began     their push   inland   to   attack   the   bunkers and    soldiers    who    were    manning Hitler’s Atlantic Wall. Battlefieldsby4x4 run this tour just once a year.


By selecting one of Battlefieldsby4x4 Itineraries you will be able to gain a better understanding of the type

of tours that we offer. Each tour guides you through a different battle; all form a moving journey though

these landscapes of remembrance.


For    those    of    you    who    have    a specific      request,      such      as      a cemetery   visit   to   see   a   relative   or an   individual   of   note,   that   can   be accommodated     in     one     of     our Tours       then       we       will       always endeavour to do so. For   those   of   you   who   wish   to   be guided    on    a    private    tour    that encompasses      a      specific      visit please   contact   us   to   discuss   your needs. All   of   our   tours   can   be   adapted for    different    durations.    We    offer one   day   tours   starting   at   just   £99 per vehicle. Contact us for more information.  

Arras - 1917

Starting    on    the    strategic    heights of      Vimy      Ridge      we      will      visit defensive    and    offensive    tunnels, the     forgotten     battlefields     and villages   that   have   long   since   been rebuilt     following     the     brief     but destructive   fighting   in   the   Spring of 1917.

Calais Cote d’Opale

Come     and     explore     the     Opale Coast   of   northern   France   for   the day   for   just   £99   per   vehicle!   Travel along   lanes   and   tracks   that   have witnessed        a        succession        of invading   forces,   but   now   see   most vehicles      speeding      down      the motorway   to   destinations   further south.   It   is   all   conveniently   on   our doorstep,   within   easy   reach   of   the ferries and tunnel at Calais.  
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The Somme 2 - 1918

New for 2017! The    Somme    2    tour    takes    in    the Southern   sector   around   the   river Somme   and   the   fighting   that   took place in 1918.
28-30 JULY
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