Trenches at Vimy

Arras – 1917

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2017 DATES

Battlefieldsby4x4 offer a guided tour starting from the centre of Arras.

Over three days we aim to show you the seldom seen views of this

famous battlefield.

As   many   cars   speed   south   down   the   motorway The   Battle   of Arras   is   often overlooked,   but   in   the   spring   of   1917   it   had   a   daily   death   rate   higher   than that in the Somme nine months earlier. From   our   start   on   the   heights   of   Vimy   Ridge   you   will   become   aware   of   its strategic   significance,   and   have   a   guided   visit   of   the   tunnels   used   by   the soldiers   prior   to   the   attack   on   the   9th   of April   1917. The Tour   will   then   head south   over   the   land   that   had   been   previously   held   by   French,   German   and British    soldiers.    We    will    visit    the    immense    Maison    Blanche    German Cemetery   containing   almost   45,000   burials.   The   Scarpe   valley   and   the canal   system   within   it   saw   intense   fighting   as   the   British   armies   advanced towards   the   small   town   of   Monchy   le   Preux   that   had   been   fortified   by   the German   armies.   The   British   success   in   taking   this   key   point   overlooking the   Plain   of   Douai   came   at   great   cost.   We   will   pass   numerous   small battlefield   cemeteries   such   as   Happy   Valley   which   was   quite   the   opposite in   the   heat   of   battle.   Further   south   we   visit   a   German   bunker   system   that directed   machine   gun   fire   onto   the   advancing   Commonwealth   troops.   We see    the    footprints    left    one    hundred    years    ago    by    labourers    as    they constructed these sections of the immense Hindenburg Line. While   we   cannot   assure   you   of   good   weather,   we   will   be   traveling   in   the comfort   of   heated   vehicles,   whilst   almost   100   years   previously   the   soldiers had   been   advancing   on   foot   and   in   the   depths   of   late   winter   snow   storms.   The   last   day   of   the   Tour   will   see   us   travel   to   the   famous   town   of Arras.   We will   end   here,   in   time   for   lunch,   where   you   are   free   to   take   in   the   splendour of   this   centuries   old   market   town   before   your   return   or   onward   travel   with only 10 minutes to the nearest motorway. For   camping   based   tours,   Battlefieldsby4x4   use   a   comfortable   campsite just    15    minutes    drive    from    the    centre    of   Arras,    with    electric    hook    up available   for   all   pitches.   There   is   an   on   site   restaurant,   and   in   the   high season an outdoor heated swimming pool. For   hotel   based   tours,   we   use   a   centrally   located   hotel.   Full   details   of   all accommodation will be sent upon payment of the balance. To   book,   click   on   the   link   for   your   chosen   date.   We   only   require   a   £100 deposit   per   vehicle   or   full   payment   if   the   tour   is   less   than   eight   weeks away.   Eight   weeks   before   the   tour   we   will   send   you   a   balance   request   and invoice.   Once   the   balance   is   paid   we   will   send   you   an   information   pack including meeting places, times, booking references etc

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2018 DATES
Combine our 3-day Arras tour with two nights to enjoy the largest Christmas market in Northern France



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